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Just Too Young To Know...

We are currently in the process of changing gears. MCA is "walking" on He Oughta Know That By Now. Thanks to all your hard work we helped get the song to #16.

Twenty Years and Two Husbands Ago is going to be released to radio soon and we want to hit the ground running. Take a little break, but stay tuned for updates coming soon!!!

Twenty Years and Two Husbands Ago
written by Lee Ann Womack, Dale Dodson, & Dean Dillon

Lookin' in the bathroom mirror puttin' my makeup on
Maybelline can't hide the lines of time that's gone
I weighed 105 soakin' wet, I'd knock 'em dead in that sun dress
Had it all just too young to know,
That was twenty years and, two husbands ago

I remember when he took my hand and said "I do"
And the kitchen I was standing in, when he said "I'm through"
And I swore I'd never fall back in, put my heart through that again
Never let somebody get that close
But that was twenty years and, two husbands ago

Water under the bridge
I guess that's all life really is, that's just the way it is

Driving the kids to school today, it occurred to me
With all the wrong turns I've made,
I'm right where I should be
But I go back there from time to time
Lookin' for that peace of mind,
And find it's always just a dead-end road
Yeah that was twenty years and, two husbands ago
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